NEW !! The Eden Choker Necklace NOW available !!

*Before You Order / Measurements*

Before you place an order, I recommend you to take your measurements. It will ensure that the accessory is made accordingly to your size, and will therefore be a perfect fit for you. 

NECK : Measuring around your neck.

UNDER BUST : Measuring where the band of your bra sits, around the ribcage and beneath the bust.

WAIST :  Measuring the waist at the belly button. Bend over on one side and find the natural indentation in your middle. It should be at belly button's level. 

NECK TO WAIST : Measuring from Adam's apple to belly button.

THIGH : Measuring your upper thigh.

LOWER WAIST : If you are ordering a belt, you might want to include the measurement of the lower waist, measuring where you would like the belt to sit (between waist and hips).